Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bye Bye 2009 and Hello 2010!!!

    Finally 2009 is over!!! I was soooo excited for 2010 I forced my family to participate in silly new years games and even drag the neighbors over to celebrate. Its a new year, new blog, new diet and a new attitude. One of my new years resolution like a million other americans is to lose weight. ( fingers crossed) My other new years resolution is to keep a positive attitude. 2009 was full of complaints. I want to speak positive words into my surroundings into my family into my friends and even strangers. You can't imagine how far a positive word or gesture will effect someone else life and enrich your own.

      This blog is dedicated to the beautiful people!!! No No not this "beautiful people" we normally think of when we here this cliche phrase. I mean the people who inspire, the people who surround themselves with beautiful. Beautiful homes, beautiful food and beautiful spirits. I believe God puts gifts and talents into people so they can share it with the world. Well my gift is cooking. I can't promise you will keep your 2010 resolutions with my comfort style cooking, but your will be creating something beautiful in your kitchen. 

    My husband is from Tajikistan I know what your thinking tajikawhat? Well Tajikistan is a country that was formally part of the soviet union. I won't give you a history lesson or anything but most of the food I will be featuring in this blog will be Tajik food, It is never spicy its a twist on the american comfort food. Occasionally I will have some middle eastern and turkish dishes. Lets get cooking!!!

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  1. weird, I dont know how to only be onhere once I keep trying....well written...Best wishes I love you