Monday, January 11, 2010

Me in a nut shell.

Silly me, I never took the time to explain the title of my blog. Bazaar Hona means the home market. Bazaar is universal for market and Hona is tajik (farsi) for home. I do not speak tajik fluently yet. I am still learning. I want my readers to understand the tajik culture from an Americans inside prospective. First I should tell you a little bit about me and my life. I am 25 year old mother of one beautiful boy. I have been  married to my wonderful husband for about two and half years. Like I said before my husband is from Tajikistan. I have been blessed with amazing in-laws who with open arms has welcomed me to their family and have taught me just about all I need to know in tajik culture. I am a muslim and from time to time I would like to give some knowledge to my readers to break the stereotype of muslims. Not all muslims are as you see on t.v. Lets just be honest and call them what they are Crazy!!! They give us peaceful muslims a bad rap. I do not claim to have all the answers, but I love God and seek the truth.

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