Friday, February 26, 2010

My trip

I am getting so excited for my trip to Dushanbe, Tajikistan!! I keep hearing about how amazing the food is over there. There is some thing called a tandoor, its like a oven in the ground. Here a picture to give you an idea.

They just slap the bread or pastry on the side and it sticks. There is a fire below that cooking everything.


Yummy!!! I cook tajik food alot, but nothing is going to taste as good as fresh bread over an open flame!!! Wow I am making myself hungry. LOL. One of my other favorite dishes from Tajikistan which I will be featuring before I go, is called Osh

 This picture doesn't do it justice, really its yummy. Its a combination of rice onions carrots and spices. I will give a tutorial on how to make this wonderful tajik dish you will love.

Now some thing that I have come to find hilarious about Tajikistan.

 English words are often different tajik words. For example this bottle of detergent most americans would not find cleanly.

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