Saturday, March 27, 2010

French Salad

French Salad

2 large Potatoes
1 Beet
1 large Carrot
1/2 Cucumber
Deli meat any works.
1can of peas
Salt to taste

First peel your beet and boil till soft. Peel and chop your your potato french fry style. Fry them till very crispy.
Chop cabbage, carrot, cucumber, beet and deli meat julienne style. Arrange the chopped veggies around your plate, in the center add a little mayo and put your peas on top. ( As shown in the pic.) Gives a great presentation and looks pretty on your dinner table. Before serving mix with salad forks add mayo and salt as needed.


  1. that looks delicious......and one of my favorite types of meals is Egyptian - there's a place in Chicago my husband and I love to go for their honey wine and only eat with the hands - I love that concept - and tradition in their country - to really connect with their food -

    thank you so much for stopping by the farm - and have a wonderful week