Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tajik Osh

Tajik Osh ( Pilaf)

2 cups of rice
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 1/2 bags of carrots peeled and cut julienne

2 large onions chopped
2 bullion cubes
1 1/2 pound of meat. Steak meat or lamb is preffered
cumin powder and seed.
garlic powder
1 can of chick peas

Now we do not have the kinda of special pan here in the US but the closest thing that I have found is a wok
 make sure its a deep one and round with lid is ideal. This funnel shape is important, so don't use a stock pot.

In your pan heat oil on high to frying temp. Add your meat salt, pepper, garlic and cumin powder the meat. Let it fry till its not pink any more. Reduce heat to med-high add your chopped onions. Cook onions until very soft. Try not to burn onions or meat if med-high is to hot reduce to med. Add all your chopped carrots. fry them till soft. Add more cumin powder just a pinch. When everything is fried you will add your water. This is very important do not add to much. Add about enough to barely cover meat carrots and onion. Add boullion and salt to taste. Let this cook for at least on hour do not cover. About 20 mins before that is done cooking soak and wash your 2 cups of rice.  When meat carrots and onion are done add your can of chick peas. let that cook for about 15mins. Make sure you salt it well it should have a strong cumin flavor and be a little bit salty. You will not be able to salt it after you put in rice. Okay time to add your rice. Drain the water from your soaking rice and pour the rice on top of the meat onions and carrots. Flatten it so its even every where.
You should have enough water and oil to barely cover the rice, if not add a little more water. Let the rice cook for about 20 mins until the rice has absorbed most of the water. Form the rice into a pyramid shape and make holes for the water to steam the rice. Cover tightly on warm for about 20-30 mins. Making it tight is important because the steam cooks the rice. When its done mix rice with the carrots and meat. Cut the meat into small pieces and place them on top of your plate of rice and carrots.

Osh tips
1. Carrots are sweet so add enough cumin to balance it out.
2. Don't cut the meat to small before cooking
3. Layer you lids. When I steam I put as many lids on to keep the steam in.
4. Carrots give color, the more you add the colorful you osh will be
5. Oily osh is good osh

Here is a video that some guy put on youtube he does a few things different than I do but at least you have an idea.

Serve with tajik salad It is in my January archives.



  2. I am so glad you joined look forward to your recipes as well !!

  3. mmm... looks so tempting.. too bad im on a diet. :(

  4. mm That looks nice..:)
    I wanted to try this today but I was missing some of the ingredient.Insha'Allah I will try it soon..:)

    Thank you,

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