Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Sometimes in life I find myself asking why? Why does this have to happen to me? I am very strong in my faith but I cannot escape this question. Even though I logically know the answers, I can't seem to except them. I am writing today because I am going through some rough times and keep slipping of the cliff of knowledge to find myself  broken and alone in the dark valley. Why? Why can't life get easier. Walking in faith is a challenge, it is some thing that almost feels unnatural at times. I know that God (Allah) is in charge and I know he has a plan a reason for what happens in my life. I must choose to become stronger and overcome. Today that feels like climbing the tallest mountain without the ability to walk, impossible. I am not a victim to my circumstances. Today I ask God ( Allah) to give me the strength to overcome, to be grateful. At least I know the answer to Who? Who can change my circumstances, Who can give me strength and comfort when life suffocates me.

Ya Allah, liberate me from fear. Give me the wisdom to think positively; give me the courage to stand by the truth; give me the openness to connect to those who avoid me; give me a smile, a clean heart and a winning attitude which conquers others; give me more of the world so I can spend in Your Path; give me the perspective that I need to remain satisfied with what You bless me with. Ameen.


  1. I will pray for you also, if you allow it. That may sound strange coming from a stranger.. but we all need to petition for one another.

    I often feel very much alone in my struggles as you do. I wonder who can help. It is only God who can do this ultimately, but we can pray for each other, too. Sincerely, Victoria

  2. Thank I deeply believe in prayer. I appreciate your prayers and will keep you in mine