Friday, November 5, 2010

Long Gone.......

So sorry to keep you waiting so long, but I it definitely took some adjusting to life back in the States. Tajikistan was very different for sure. For the record you don't know how blessed you are until you travel to a place that for most people they are just surviving. Like I said before I left for my journey, I am pregnant and that may hinder my taste buds from trying something new. I know my pregnancies all to well, I was sick like a dog and barely touch food there. I pretty much at something equivalent to top ramen the whole time. LOL what an adventure huh? I also got to see Istanbul Turkey, very up close and personal puking in alleys because of the fish smell from the sea. Traveling abroad in your first trimester is not recommended, take it from me.

One thing I got to appreciate there was the textiles omg if you love fabrics at amazing prices Tajikistan is your place. I was in heaven at the market. I had to buy a extra suitcase to fit all things I acquired over there home. If anyone love the Ikat pattern you have a million choices there for that pattern at fab prices.

For all you that are not familiar here is an example of Ikat pattern on a french sofa.

I am due November 24 to have this baby so forgive me if I disappear again for a while. Lots of new changes and challenges to face with a two year old and a new one.
I will be back though with great new recipes and culture talk.

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